Visit Wildthingz. Our gallery shop is located by the hall entry and offers a cornucopia of items created by artists and artisans. One of a kind and affordable handmade items.

Support Artists!

These chairs have our names on them... 

We need your help getting them to ArtZmosphere.  

Put your name on a Chair!

Kindly donate + Support the Arts.

Ask about our Membership project./#membership 

WILDTHINGZ is open during gallery hours.  Stop by and relax...and shop.  Have an espresso and a cookie. 

ArtZmosphere is the perfect spot for private social gatherings + workshops.  Surround your event with art on the walls and a veranda overlooking the Macal River.  Book your event for a unique experience... we have a small kitchenette, private loo and plenty of floor space./contact. 

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